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TIGI Felt love public welfare

2017/05/11 13:44

September 20, 2011, TIGI Felt as for supporting "Hopeful Hearts" organization, free donated colored felt, craft felt, and positively cooperate with the "Hopeful Hearts" series activities. The charity activity raised money all included into the "Hopeful Hearts" public account, used to rescue children in orphanages or poor families suffering from heart disease.




About Hopeful Hearts

Based in Nanjing, in the Jiangsu Province of China, Hopeful Hearts is a charity run by women, from both the expat and local communities, that helps fund life-saving operations for children with heart defects. Since it's inception in 2003, Hopeful Hearts has helped almost 200 ailing children. The Amity Foundation, as an management charity organization for Chinese Orphan project, provide consultation and coordination for Hopeful Hearts.

Hopeful Hearts Web


About  Amity Foundation

The Amity Foundation, an independent Chinese voluntary organization, was created in 1985 on the initiative of Chinese Christians to promote education, social services, health, and rural development from China’s coastal provinces in the east to the minority areas of the west.

Abiding by the principle of mutual respect in faith, Amity builds friendship with people at home and abroad. Through the promotion of holistic development and public welfare, Amity serves society, benefits the people, and strives to promote world peace.

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