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TIGI Felt Industrial Co., Ltd is a leading supplier of Industrial Wool Felt, Polyester Felt and Craft Felt Products. We have large-in-stock inventories of virtually all styles of felt -- including Pressed Wool Felts, Wool Blend Felts, Synthetic Felts, Needle Felts, Adhesive Felts, Decorative Colored Felts. We also warehouse and custom manufactured for a wide range of products including Die cut Felts, Wicking, Wiping Strips, Gaskets, Washers, Filtration, Polishing Wheels, Stationery Felts, Architectural Felts and many more applications. Besides keeping great advantage on Wool Felt, Polyester Felt and Felt Material, since 2009, we added product processing plant, providing Crafts Felt, Felt Bags, Felt Coasters & Placemat, Felt Keychain, Felt Insoles and a series of products.


We do supply felts in bulk, with many, but not all show online. This website is intended to serve customers alike by providing a wealth of information about this versatile material. It also displays the capabilities of our company. If you are interested in anything listed above please send us an email ( If there's a particular item that you're looking for that's not listed above please let us know. We will make every effort to research and supply your needs. Thank you for visiting!


We are ISO 9001ISO 14001 and OHSAS18001 cetificated factory, welcome to contact us if any inquires.